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Ref: 72-101-0
Pilar Full Leg First Aid Splint
Inlet Tap DetailHigh Frequency Weld Detail
Inlet Taps Detail
High Frequency Weld Detail

Pilar splints warnings and symbols
  • • All products used are latex free

  • • PVC outer and inner lining

  • • Nylon Zip with Metal Ring

  • • High Frequency Heat Welded Seams

  • • Inflation Tube with Inlet Taps

  • • Width: 20cm (7.87 inches approx.)

  • • Length: 63cm (24.80 inches approx.)

All Pilar splints are:

  • • Fast and reliable relief to patients suffering from any kind of limb fractures

  • • Immobilization of fractured limb, and prevention of excessive haemorrhage

  • • Full protection of fractured limb during transportation, both as to changes of temperature and other inconveniences arising from transportation

  • • Immediate visual inspection of fractured limb, and full penetration of X-rays

  • • Will operate under most climatic conditions

  • • Easy to mount - even without prior training or instructions