Urias® Stroke Rehabilitation Air Splints

Urias® Air Splints are made from flexible PVC and are inflated by mouth to a maximum pressure of 40 mm Hg. The choice of air splint or therapy tool is dependent on the level of motor recovery, performance capability of the patient and the specific task or activity. They are inexpensive and easy to apply.

Based on the principles of PANat (PRO-Active approach to Neuro-rehabilitation integrating Urias® Johnstone air splints and other therapy tools.), monitoring change and increasing awareness of the hemiplegic side are important aspects when integrating specific air splints into the individual'srehabilitation programme. Nurses and carers are taught how to apply the air splints and support the client out of therapy sessions and at home.

PANat Brochure Image

For more information on Urias® Air Splints and the PANat Theoretical framework, clinical management and application of the Urias® Air Splints, please read the PANat User Guide.

Please note: the PANat User Guide is also available in the following languages: Dansk (user guide only), Français, Deutsch and Nederlands (theoretical framework and clinical management only).

Pilar® First Aid Air Splints

Pilar® Air Splints are a single Use First Aid Splint range to aid immobilization of fractured limbs and wounds during trasportation and are a fast, reliable relief to patients which are ideal for immediate visual inspection and fully x-ray transparent. Used in everyday situations and activities such as sports clubs, adventuring and outdoors, workplaces and for home. Available in individual sizes or as a full set of four different sizes.