Made from flexible PVC, splints are inflated by mouth to a maximum pressure of 40 mm Hg. The choice of air splint or therapy tool is dependent on the level of motor recovery, performance capability of the patient and the specific task or activity.

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Contract manufacturing & packaging with customer supplied materials or our own sourced materials. Processed in our Class 7 clean room or alternative controlled areas, our skilled technicians process and inspect products to customer requirements.

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About Arden Medical Limited

Urias Leg Gaiter Inflatable splint

Arden Medical manufacture and distribute medical devices for hospital and homecare patients worldwide. Primary products include a range of non-sterile specialist inflatable Air Splints and accessories for an aid to rehabilitation of Cerebral strokes, head injuries, Multiple Sclerosis and post operative limb surgery.

Originally developed as an aid to the "Margaret Johnstone Concept" of Cerebral Stroke Rehabilitation, the unique Urias® Splints have become an invaluable aid in most techniques used in rehabilitation cycles today, including special sized paedictoric, junior and child splints for therapy often found benifitial in cases of Cerebral Palsy, Brain Damage, Development Delay or Post Oporative Orthopaedics.